Welcome to Indigenous Videos and thank you for visiting our web site.

Indigenous Videos was created to produce and distribute videos  which demonstrate the rich and deep traditions of ethnic healing, massage and bodywork from all over the world. Much can be learned and emulated from the innate powers and traditions of healing techniques that have been handed down for many, many generations and practiced in the homes, huts, and workplaces of the common men and women who must, because of their economic conditions and the high cost of health care, take care of each other for the ills and aches of life on this planet.

Indigenous Videos (IV) wants to shine a brighter spotlight on the men and women who practice these time-tested healing techniques. IV wants to share these techniques with other therapists so they can incorporate all or some of what they’ll learn into their own practice. IV also hopes that lay people will take an interest in this work and integrate even a tiny bit of it into their daily lives.

Indigenous Videos is open to partnerships with those who would like to support these goals and further this cause: to let the world know the rich heritage and beneficial effects of the indigenous healing arts. Read our About Page to learn about more of our upcoming projects.

We intend to expand our offerings by filming more videos, distributing more titles from other sources, adding books pertaining to the same subject matter, gathering more research & links, and making this website a worthy repository of valuable  information and resources. We invite you to contact us and suggest how we may work together.